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Yuuna-san and Hot Spring Table Tennis is the 3rd chapter of Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san.


Fuyuzora Kogarashi woke up in a weird position with Yunohana Yuuna, causing him to startle her and get launched into the river. Ameno Sagiri saw the latter part as she returned from training. Due to what happened in the morning, Fuyuzora reaffirmed that he would clear Yuuna's regrets and asked for the things she liked. Yuuna replied that she likes cats. Later, they see a black cat, and without thinking much, Fuyuzora picks up the cat and tries to pet it. But the cat suddenly changes to a naked Fushiguro Yaya, who tells Sagiri that she was touched all over by Fuyuzora.

Nakai Chitose reveals she received a request to remove Fuyuzora from the inn. Hence, she decided to follow the Inn's housing rules and hold a competition. Yuragi Inn had absolute rules by the landlord and those who went against it, for example, had to wear terrifying clothes. A traditional game of hot spring table tennis was carried out, and the loser had to obey the winner. Yuuna and Fuyuzora were on the same team, against Yaya and Sagiri. Yuuna does not really play table tennis, but Fuyuzora played very well as he was possessed by a player of a table tennis club before and was forced to play to the level that he could qualify for nationals.