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The Yoinozaka House is one of the Three Big Families who are in charge of the Youkai in the western region of Japan who seek to have the entire region of Japan under their control.


The Yoinozaka are a family of Oni humans who're the descendants of Shutendoji where their most notable trait is their pink hair and a small marking on their forehead where they can grow a horn. For many years, they were in three way deadlock with the other Three Big Families, the Tenko and Yatahagane.

After an evil entity known as Garandou wiped out the last of the Yatahagane, this brought a war between the remaining families. The Yoinozaka didn't see the Garandou as major threat which is why they didn't participate in its subjugation and focused on their conflict with the Tenko Family. The Yoinozaka's conflict with the Tenko's was soon put on halt when a Yatahagane reappeared in one of their battles that was lead by their Western forces against the Tenko's Eastern Forces.

One of their members, Yoinozaka Nonko (now Arahabaki Nonko), cut her ties with her family.


As one of the Three Big Families, the Yoinozaka are considered one of the most powerful groups in Japan where they can keep the all the youkai in the West at bay.

Abnormal Strength[]

The Yoinozaka possess abnormal amounts of strength that makes them way more powerful than a average human or Yokai.

Alcohol Consumption[]

They possess great strength and spiritual power that can increase when consuming alcohol. In addition to alcohol, they are able to convert all forms of consumptions into pure energy. They are capable of retaining this power for about 2 days after consumption.

  • Spirit Armor: When consuming enough alcohol, a Yoinozaka is able to grant themselves Spirit Armor which increases their performance in battle. They are also able to refine this Spirit Armor to protect them from spells used by a Tenko.


A Yoinozaka is unable to utilize their full strength if they haven't supply themselves with enough alcohol. In addition, it is shown that there is a maximum limit to their alcohol consumption where it can result them unable fight to their full potential after a tiring battle.