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The Yatahagane House (八咫鋼 やたはがね) is one of the Three Big Families who shared a conflict with the Yoinozaka and Tenko to rule Japan until they were wiped out. It wasn't until recently that the Yatahagane soon gain a successor.


The Yatahagane House along with the Yoinozaka and Tenko were in a three way deadlock with the goal of having Japan under their respective rule.

Their techniques and powers abilities can only be used by normal humans which makes their family made up of purely humans. However, they can still use their powers as ghosts which they can teach and pass these techniques onto other humans.


Along with the Tenko and Yoinozaka, the Yatahagane are considered one of the most powerful beings in Japan.

Super Strength[]

The Yatahagane possess tremendous natural strength that allows them fend off ghost, powerful yokai, and be on par with the equally powerful Yoinozaka.

Huge Spirit Power[]

Although they are consistently made purely of humans, they possess tremendous spirit power and harness secret techniques that make them comparable to Gods. These Techniques include

  • Limitless Training: A technique where the Yatahagane can potentially grow infinitely stronger by constantly taking on attacks which trains their body. There is however a maximum limit and the spirit power needed for this increase requires an outside source.
  • Spirit Armor: The Yatahagane are capable of creating Spirit Armor which not only protects them from techniques which covers their weaknesses, but also enhances their already powerful abilities by many folds.


The Yatahagane are vulnerable to transformation techniques, but they can cover this weakness when wearing Spirit Armor.