Urara Urakata
Urara full appearance
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 16
Height 150cm (4'11")
Weight 42kg
Personal Status
Affiliation Chuuma Village

Demon Slaying Ninja Army

  • Urakata Clan

Yukemuri High School

Status Alive
  • Active
Marital Status Single
Relatives Urakata Clan

Urara urakata is a member of the Demon Slaying Ninja Army from the Urakata Clan and a student of Yukemuri High School.

Appearance Edit

Urara has yellow eyes with notable small pupils and yellow short hair.

At high school she wears her school's traditional uniform. In her casual clothes, she wears a hoodie and dark long sleeve pants.

Her bust measurement is 78cm.

Personality Edit

She has a cheerful attitude and bubbly personality. She is a bit of a pervert teasing Kogarashi Fuyuzora and Sagiri Ameno.

Background Edit

Not much is known of Urara's past except how she comes from the Urakata Clan and is acquainted with Sagiri and Hibari as fellow Chuuma Ninjas. She has been working with Sagiri on many missions.

Plot Edit

Clothes eating demon incident Edit

One night, Sagiri had just defeated a hair-eating monster and Urara congratulates her and start to talk about her next assignment. Urara mentions Kogarashi Fuyuzora and asked Sagiri to have him co-operate.

Abilities Edit

Chuuma Ninja Training Edit

Like Sagiri and Hibari, Urara has went through the Demon Slaying Ninja Training but doesn't show it as often as her two fellow colleagues.

Shikigami Control Edit

Urara comes from the Urakata Clan. A clan that specializes in controlling Shikigami, familiars with various abilities that follow her orders.

Communication Edit

She can control either phones or mind telepathy, the latter needing her to set an apparatus.

Relationships Edit

Demon Slaying Ninja Army Edit

Ameno Sagiri Edit

She is Sagiri's fellow Chuuma Ninja and classmate. The two go on various missions together with her acting as mission control. She appears to have much more experiences and knowledge then Sagiri. Urara finds Sagiri's lack of confidence in her femininity very irritating as she points out that Sagiri is very attractive with a great body that it makes Urara very jealous. She also enjoys watching Kogarashi and Sagiri in romantic situations from afar, sometimes giving the latter advice into taking it a step further.

Ameno Hibari Edit

Like Sagiri, they are fellow classmate in Yukemuri Highschool and formally from their Demon Slaying Ninja teachings. Also like with Sagiri, Urara acts as Hibari's mission control on various missions and likes teasing Hibari.

Yukemuri High Schoolmates Edit

Fuyuzora Kogarashi Edit

Urara becomes acquainted with Kogarashi when Sagiri introduces her to help them pick out a swimsuit. She finds Kogarashi amusing as he gets in various perverted mishaps with Sagiri. She's always seen smiling and laughing at every opportunity Fuyuzora and Sagiri share.

Trivia Edit

  • The apparatus she used to communicate the Yuragi-sou denizens resembles of what the Allied Shinobi Force uses to communicate the army in Naruto.