Species Human
Gender Male
Personal Status
Affiliation Middle School in Yukemori City
Tsutomu is a principal of a middle school.

Appearance Edit

He is a rounded old man who wears glasses. When he was a child, he was thin and had a shaven head with a gap in his teeth.

Personality Edit

When he was a child, he had a mischievous personality present in some kids. As he became an old man, he became a serious person, but when around Nakai Chitose, he is soft.

Background Edit

When he was a child, he played with the other kids at the Yuragi-sou and with Nakai Chitose. One of the times he played with her, he asked her that when they grew-up that they marry each other.

When he grew into an adult, he became a principal of a middle school. And made Chitose's dream come true, to study like a normal person does. It is unknown that he still has feelings to her like his childhood.

Plot Edit

Tsutomu is seen talking to Nakai in the middle school about the past.

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Relationships Edit

Nakai Chitose Edit

She is the zashiki-warasi of Yuragi-sou. When Tsutomu was a child, he would often play with her and even once asked her to marry him. In the present, he is the principal of the middle school that Chitose attends.

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