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Transcendentals are beings who possess spiritual abilities and potentials that can rival the Three Big Families.


Transcendentals possess varying abilities and strong spiritual powers that can potentially match the Three Big Families which they usually act independent from. They all have their own respective goals, both selfless or selfish.

Although they are classified as one kind of group, they are not align with each other. However, there are situations where some are part of their own groups not allied with Three Big Families like the Yuragi Inn and Dragon Clan. One major case where all Transcendentals gathered together was when they fought a common enemy, Garandou.

While they possess powers that can potentially rival the Three Big Families, their power aren't exactly equal. Some Transcendentals are more superior in abilities and spiritual power compared to other Transcendentals and some are still no match for various members of the Three Big Families.

Known Transcendentals[]


  • Various Transcendentals were introduced throughout the series, but it wasn't until the introduction of Ouga Makyouin in Chapter 119 that they were given a proper name.