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This template is used to do create a switch between two images.


This template uses {{Toggle}} and its related JavaSripts.

See Also

- {{Toggle}}.

 |option1 = Text image 1 <!-- Default -->
 |image1  = Image 1 <!-- Default -->
 |option2 = Text image 2
 |image2  = Image 2
  • opotion1= the text associated with image 1 (this is the default text) - optional, default: Novel.
  • image1= the default image to be displayed, can be given as first free parameter.
  • opotion2= the text associated with image 2 - optional, default: Manga.
  • image2= the secondary image, can be given as second free parameter.

It is best use on infobox. For example:

{{Brune Chara Infobox
| Image ={{Switch 3
 |option1 =Anime|[[File:Bertrand_anime_pre.png|200px]]
 |option2 =Manga|[[File:Bertran.jpg|250px]]
| Caption = Bertrand 
| Kana =  バートラン
| Romaji = Bātoran
| Casualname = Bertrand

Results in...

Template:Brune Chara Infobox