Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san Wikia

Taiji Sage
Species Youkai
Gender Male
Age 3000
Hair Color White
Personal Status
Status Alive
Manga Chapter 188

The Taiji Sage is a powerful Transcendental Youkai who was the master of Zakuro, and current master of Karura Hiougi and Matora Mikogami.


The Taiji Sage has the appearance of tiny cute panda dressed in traditional Chinese robe. 

By using illusions, he takes on a larger and more frightening appearance.


The Taiji Sage usually feels lonely because he lives alone in the mountains, but he dislikes how everyone looks down on him because of his cute appearance. This makes him dislike being called cute and wants to be properly respected. He claims how he will only take strong people as his disciple.  


The Taiji Sage has trained many male individuals who would later become Transcendentals that many were labeled as heroes. Among them included Zakuro. At some point, he would eventually be found by Mikogami Matora and Karura Hiōgi who seek to train under him and become stronger. 


As a Transcendental, the Taiji Sage possess abilities that rival the Three Big Families. As a teacher who taught many Transcendentals, it is suggested he possesses a higher level of strength among them. He is shown to be able to easily dispel Spirit Armor with a single kick.  

Spirit Power[]

As stated by Karura Hiōgi and Mikogami Matora, the Taiji Sage possess enormous amount of spirit power.

Yokai Physiology[]

  • Possession: The Taiji Sage has the ability to possess someone which allows them to attain power that can make them a Transcendental. However, he is only able to possess one individual at a time to grant this power.


  • Illusions: The Taiji Sage is able to cast illusion on himself to change his appearance.
  • Eastern Alchemy: A technique that allows one to create Spirit Power from their surroundings in to increase one's own power.


  • Contrary to his cute appearance, the Taiji Sage has a frightening voice.