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Sparrow Tengu.jpg
Species Sparrow Tengu
Personal Status
Affiliation Kyoto
Status Alive
  • Active
Manga Kogarashi-san and a Birthday

Suzutsuki is a Sparrow Tengu who serves the Hiougi Estate under Hiougi Karura.


Suzutsuki has the appearance of a small bird wearing a small tengu hat called a Tokin and a white fuzzy ball hanging around the neck.


Suzutsuki is shown to be extremely loyal to the Hiougi Estate and is rather intolerable to those who disrespect it.

Suzutuski is also shown to be quite fearless even when threatened, further expressing the Sparrow Tengu's loyalty.


It is said by Suzutsuki how the Sparrow Tengu were said to be the weakest of Tengu until Hiougi Karura saw potential in Suzutsuki. She decided to make the sparrow her close aid and teach the bird the lost Tengu technique, Clairvoyance. This made Suzutsuki grateful to her.


Hiougi Estate Arc[]

Suzutsuki is introduced along with Higou Karura and Matora Mikogami when they invaded and attacked everyone in the Yuragi Inn in the open air bath where the sparrow introduces Karura to everyone.


Sparrow Tengu[]

Despite the Sparrow Tengu being the considered the weakest of Tengu, Karura says she see potential in Suzutsuki's abilities as a technique practitioner.

  • Flight: Being a bird, Suzutsuki has the ability to fly.
  • Wind Manipulation: Suzutsuki is able to manipulate wind like shooting air blades, but is inferior compared to Karura's level.


  • Clairvoyance: A lost Tengu technique that Karura taught Suzutsuki. It allows the Sparrow Tengu to read a target's mind. The Spiritual Barrier Armor of the Chuuma Ninjas can block it.
  • Teleportation: Like Hiougi Karura, Suzutsuki has the ability to summon a wormhole to teleport to places.
  • Transformation: Suzutsuki is shown to be able to use a Transformation Leaf talisman like Shigaraki Koyuzu. Suzutsuki's true potential in this technique is unknown as it was only used once against Kogarashi.


Hiougi Karura[]

Suzutsuki is extremely loyal and grateful to Hiougi as she saw potential in the young sparrow that she made the bird her close aide. Suzutsuki claims how Karura's orders are absolute and would rather face death then betray her. Even after Hiougi's feelings for Kogarashi were revealed and how she was using everyone for it, Suzutsuki remains loyal to her and is supportive of her pursuits.

Matora Mikogami[]

The two are both loyal subordinates to Karura. However, due to Matora's tendency in wanting a good fight and overall personality, the bird finds the Nue rather rude.


  • Suzutsuki's loyalty to Karura is similar to Sparrows in Japanese mythology where they represent "obsessed with honor, especially when repaying debts" and the "chū" in the word chirp from the noise they make is a homophone for the word loyalty (忠誠, chūsei).