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Shion Todoroki
Shion full appearance.png
Kana 轟 紫音
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 14-15
Height 145cm (4'9")
Weight 41.5kg
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Pink
Personal Status
Affiliation Sengoku Middle School (graduate)

Yukemuri High School

Status Alive
  • Active
Marital Status Single
Manga Shion-san, A Major Debut

Shion Todoroki (轟 紫音) is a former delinquent who wants to have a normal school life.


She intitially was clothed like a typical yankee look that included intimidating eyes, a surgical mask, and her hair crafted in a pompadour.

After entering high school, she has more cute appearance where she has her hair down, in a messy fashion, with a cowlick. She also starts to wear more cute clothes such as the Yumekuri Highschool Uniform and a casual blouse and skirt, but retained her delinquent jacket.

Her bust measurement is 75cm.


Her personality was typical of a yankee, a hot-headed and impatient person, but caring towards her friends.

She stills prefers to wear her jacket even after becoming a normal girl as it makes her feel calm.


Shion became a delinquent back in middle school, brandishing a yankee attitude. But she wanted to be a normal student, so she asks Miyazaki Chisaki to be her guide under Seri's advice who was her senior back in middle school.


She was a Head Delinquent in a Yukemuri High's affiliate school. But she wanted to be a normal student, so she asked her friend to contact Chisaki. She learned to wear cute clothes and her hairstyle changed. But the 2nd Head hated her so much so as to harass her friends, which made her fight the Delinquents, made them flee when Kogarashi deflects them.

After that, she became a normal student and friends with the others.


While still an average human, as a former delinquent, she possesses a strong body and conviction.



Yanazawa Seri[]

Her senpai (senior) and a previous head delinquent of Gokuchuu. Shion respects Seri and after entering highschool, sought her advice into becoming a normal high school girl. The two now attend the same school.

Chisaki Miyazaki[]

A fellow high schooler attending the same school. Shion was introduced to Chisaki when Seri requested Chisaki's help on fixing Shion's appearance for high school. Like with Seri, Chisaki helps Shion which makes the latter extremely grateful to Chisaki and wishes to repay her. As a result, Shion supports Chisaki's relationship with Fuyuzora Kogarashi and would try various ways to get them closer.

Fuyuzora Kogarashi[]

Chisaki's classmate that Shion was introduced to after Chisaki helps prepare Shion for high school. Shion sees Kogarashi as a good person and after realizing Chisaki's crush on him, tries getting the two together. After Shion is saved by Kogarashi from some rival delinquents from middle school and through other constant interactions, it is hinted Shion has also started to develop feelings for him.

Yaya Fushiguro[]

The two met when Shion enrolls to Yukemuri Highschool. After Shion ends up saving a cat and Yaya saves her from falling, Yaya becomes Shion's first high school friend. They are often together at school and have some activities with Yumesaki Harumu.