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Shakuhito Yoinozaka
Kana 宵ノ坂酌人
Romaji Yoinozaka Shakuhito
Relative Shutendoji (ancestor)
Nonko Yonoizaka (Sister)
Jounosuke Yoinozaka (Father)
Affiliation Yoinozaka House
Occupation Heir of the Yoinozaka Clan
Biographical information
Status Alive
Martial Status Single
Physical description
Species Oni
Gender Male
Age ???
Height ???
Weight ???
Hair Pink
Eye Green
Manga Manga Chapter 133
Anime N/A
Japanese Seiyu N/A

Shakuhito Yoinozaka (宵ノ坂酌人 Yoinozaka Shakuhito) is a member of the Yoinozaka Clan, one of the Three Big Families, who is first introduced as one of the main antagonist in the Sagiri's Engagement Arc as Sagiri Ameno's finance and he has since became an adversary of the Yuragi Inn. He appears as a cameo antagonist during the Kyoto School Trip Arc where he had an unexpected ally during the Nadare Tenko Arc.


As a Yoinozaka, he shares their family trait of pink hair, green eyes and a small marking on their forehead where their horns comes out.


Shakuhito has a laid-back and overconfident personality. Because of his status as a Yoinozaka, he also comes off as arrogant and disrespectful towards those he sees below him.

This makes him also very selfish, if not inconsiderate, towards those he gains interests in. When he was engaged to Sagiri Ameno, this side of him also reveals a more sadistic nature where he expressed the joy of slowly changing Sagiri into his ideal girl.

Because of these flaws, he has shown to underestimate his opponents which can lead to his downfall.




Yoinozaka Bloodline []

As an oni of the Yoinozaka, Shakuhito is a powerful individual with tremendous amount of Spirit power.

  • Alcohol Consumption: A Yoinozaka inherent skill where Shakuhito can become more powerful and replenish his Spirit Power by drinking alcohol. 
  • Energy Consumption: As a member of the Yoinozaka who're descendant of Shuten-doji, all food and drinks Shakuhito consumes gets converted into energy which not only increases and replenish his strength, but also keeps him fit. 
  • Oni beam: Shakuhito is able to shoot a powerful beam from his horn. 

Super strength[]

Being an oni, Shakuhito has strength more powerful than an average human and he becomes stronger depending how much alcohol he drinks.

Spirit Armor[]

Shakuhito is able to produce a Spirit Armor that not only increases his power, but protects him from techniques and attacks. His Spirit Armor is also modified to protect him from Yuuna Yunohana's Spirit Armor Cancellation.


  • The name Shakuhito means "drink, bar-tending, serving sake, the host, draw (water), ladle, scoop, pump" (酌) (shaku) and "person" (人) (hito).
  • Shakuhito's surname Yoinozaka means "evening, early night hours" (宵) (yoi) and "slope, hill" (坂) (saka/zaka).