Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san Wikia
Seri Yanazawa
Kana 柳沢 芹
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 16
Height 165cm (5'5")
Weight 50.3kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color brown
Personal Status
Affiliation Sengoku Middle School (graduate/transfer out)

Yukemuri High School

Status Alive
  • Active
Marital Status Single
Manga *Yuuna-san Goes to School (unnamed)
Anime Anime Episode 10

Yanazawa Seri (柳沢 芹) is a student of Yukemuri High School and friend of Miyazaki Chisaki.


She is a girl with long black hair. Due to her former delinquency, she has a somewhat intimidating appearance. Her bust measurement is 84cm.


Despite being a head delinquent, she is very friendly and kind person, but is strict by defending Miyazaki Chisaki and Kogarashi Fuyuzora from any insult as shown when she angrily backed off two male students for ridiculing Fuyuzora about his spiritual ability. However, she hates pervs like Hyodo Satoshi as she punched him unconsciously after he tried to peer at Chisaki's breasts in middle of a ocean.


She was the head delinquent of Sengoku Middle School (a.k.a. Goku-chuu) and took care of her kohais such as Todoroki Shion.

In her third year of middle school she transferred to the same school as Miyazaki Chisaki and Hyodo Satoshi. She became friends with Chisaki who help her get rid of her delinquent appearance.



She is a normal human. She was once part of a band.



Miyazaki Chisaki

Her friend she met in her third year of middle school when she transferred. Chisaki helped her get rid of her delinquent appearance. She is close enough to Chisaki that she immediately believes her friend's claim that Kogarashi is a spiritual user and the existences of ghosts like Yunohana Yuuna.

Todoroki Shion

Her former underling and the one who contacted her to consult Chisaki to change her looks.


  • She is the second normal person in the series to know and believe in the supernatural paranormals.