Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san Wikia
Satoshi Hyodo
Kana 兵藤 聡
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 16
Height 176cm (5'9")
Weight 67.5kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Personal Status
Affiliation Yukemuri High School
Status Alive
  • Active
Marital Status Single
Manga Yuuna-san Goes to School
Anime Anime Episode 3
Seiyū Daisuke Motohashi

Satoshi Hyodo (兵藤 聡 Hyōdō Satoshi) is a minor character in the series. He is a student of Yukemuri High School and the first male friend of Fuyuzora Kogarashi.


Hyodo is an average teenager with short brown messy hair.


Despite being cheerful and carefree, Hyodo is very pervert as he unsuccessfully attempted to peek at girls in the bathroom and changing room. This leads many girls to be completely suspicious about his unaccepted behavior. For example, he received a punch from Yanazawa Seri after tried to peek at Chisaki Miyazaki's breasts in middle of a ocean. Another example is when he convinced Koyuzu Shigaraki to change girls' Christmas dress into lewd things at Yuragi-sou Inn, but before peek at them unsuccessfully, he was beaten up badly by several girls as Koyuzu revealed them his dirty plan.


At some point in his life, he met Chisaki Miyazaki and both were in the same class in middle school. In his second year of middle school, Sagiri Ameno became a student of his school. In his third year of middle school, Yanazawa Seri transferred into the class from Sengoku Middle School where the two became acquainted.


Meeting Fuyuzora Kogarashi[]

In April on the first day of high school, he met Kogarashi Fuyuzora who was seated behind him in Class 1-4. He quickly became friendly towards Fuyuzora and also introduces him to Chisaki Miyazaki as one of the most beautiful girls in school. When Yuuna Yunohana lifted Chisaki's skirt and Fuyuzora was blamed for it, he stepped back in shock for Fuyuzora's falsely accused actions.


Hyodo is a normal human with no special skills or abilities.



Fuyuzora Kogarashi[]

He is a fellow classmate who sits behind him. He often tells Kogarashi things he doesn't know about since he just moved to the city.

Chisaki Miyazaki[]

The two are fellow classmates who attend Yukemuri High School. He admires and is attracted to Chisaki as one of the most beautiful girls in Yukemuri High School.

Sagiri Ameno[]

Both fellow students of Yukemuri High School. While he finds Sagiri beautiful, he finds her kinda scary and hard to approach.

Yanazawa Seri[]

The two know each other as fellow classmates and how Seri is friends with Chisaki who is friends with Fuyuzora who is friends with Hyodo. They are sometimes at odds with each other due to Hyodo's perverted nature.


  • The name Satoshi means "intelligent, clever, bright" (聡).
  • Satoshi's surname Hyodo means "soldier, warrior" (兵) (hyo) and "wisteria" (藤) (to/do).


  • Hyodo becomes the third normal person that believes in spiritual existences like Yuuna Yunohana.