Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san Wikia
Species Human
Gender Female
Personal Status
Status Alive
Manga Manga Chapter 155

Sakura (さくら Sakura) is a caretaker employee of the institution that took care of Fuyuzora Kogarashi before he ran away. She is the reason behind Fuyuzora's debt and initial distrusts towards ghost.


Sakura is a young adult woman with short dark hair.

In the present, she grew her hair into a loose ponytail.


Sakura is a kind person who can't seem to abandon a child like Kogarashi. Despite the various misfortunes that befall on her because of Kogarashi's abilities as a medium, she never blame him and still acts kind if not strong.

She appears to be a bit skeptical of Kogarashi being a spirit medium and the idea of ghosts.


Whenever Kogarashi cause an incident by being possessed by a spirit, she often the one that consults him and the matter. She doesn't believe Kogarashi's claim of being a spirit medium and that various apparitions would constantly possess him. Later one night, She talks to another employee about Fuyuzora's condition who somewhat believes in his stories. The employee mentions how even his stepparents have troubles with him. Despite the employee's warning to mind her distance towards him she claims she will not abandon him since she understands how having parent issues are. She soon hears Kogarashi being possessed by a ghost dog and gets attack by him which sends her to the hospital. While she doesn't blame him, Kogarashi took the incident hard and ran away.

She would later inherit a huge debt caused by her deceased father who possessed Kogarashi for one month investing in stock market. When Kogarashi learns of this, he immediately visited her. She was happy to learn he was alright after missing for one month and explained to him how her uncle paid her debt but will now have to work to pay her uncle. She became confused and shocked at Kogarashi declaring it was all his fault and that he will take responsibility by paying her debt himself.



Sakura is a normal human.


Fuyuzora Kogarashi[]

A spirit medium who was under Sakura's care when he was a child. She often would talk to Kogarashi about his various possessions and didn't believe him. Despite the various trouble he kept brining towards her, Sakura kept on caring and worrying for Kogarashi. Even after being put under a huge debt, she was happy to learn Kogarashi came to see her after disappearing for one month.