Species Human
Gender Female
Personal Status
Status Alive
Ryuuzen is a fortune teller who has actual spiritual abilities to look into one's fortune accurately.

Appearance Edit

Ryuuzen is an adult woman with short hair who has her eyes close with markings under them.

Personality Edit

Ryuuzen is seen as a calm, collected, and helpful individual due to her job as a fortune teller. She has a bit of a competitive side where she desires to one day have her fortune abilities be on par with Tenko Genryuusai who she also deeply respect and admires.

She is prone to unexpected surprises such as when she learned that Yuuna was Tenko Genryuusai.

Background Edit

Most of Ryuuzen's past is unknown except how she goes around telling everyone's fortune and is rumored to be very accurate in them.

Plot Edit

During one of their dates, Kogarashi and Yunna run into Ryuuzen in the mall. She decides to first check their fortune in their love compatibility. She see that the two have a good matchup. She then reveals how she can also look into one's past where she hopes to enhance her skills to levels like Tenko Genryuusai who she claims to even able to change fate. She would then use her fortune to reveal a bit of Yuuna's past where it's revealed that when Yuuna was alive, she never once been to the Yuragi Inn, disclosing the rumors that Yuuna was not the girl who died in the Inn. Ryuuzen's fortune also unveils that Yuuna must stay at the Yuragi Inn hinting why she is bound there. The two thanked Ryuuzen for the information where Ryuuzen welcomes them to come over anytime and will inform them on any more possibly leads to Yuuna's past.

Abilities Edit

Spiritual Abilities Edit

She has some spiritual powers. She could discern that Yuuna was a spirit while the latter was in an artificial body. She can also sense that Fuyuzora Kogarashi has psychic powers.

Laplace's Demon Eye Edit

She can see everything about the current world but it is too much information for herself to handle so she uses her shikigami Nous to analyze what she saw and calculates. With this ability she is also able to look into the past (although partially) and possible futures.

Relationships Edit

Tenko Genryuusai Edit

A psychic whom she admires and wishes to challenge.

Trivia Edit