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Genshiro's servant who happens to be his half sister. As a loyal servant to the Ryuuga Family, Oboro is responsible of taking care of Genshiro's well being and she will not hesitate to berate him when he cross the line.

During a rematch against Fuyuzora Kogarashi, Genshiro became more dominant and dismissive towards Oboro, going as far commanding her to leave Yuragi Inn. When Oboro starts to defend Kogarashi, Genshiro expressed great hostility and was willing to strike her without hesitation. When he was defeated by Kogarashi again, it was revealed all his actions were a mere act, and he actually did this for Oboro's sake. This shows how considerate Genshiro is towards Oboro's feelings, signifying how much he actually respects and cares for her. He even goes as far as calling Oboro his Big sis.

Yuragi Inn[]

Yunohana Yuuna[]

Upon first sight Genshiro immediately became smitten by Yuuna and wanted to make her his bride. However, he was ignorant if not dismissive of Yuuna's feelings and went as far as forcing her to dress up in various cosplay. Yuuna is shown to be not very fond of Genshiro but still is polite to him.

Ameno Sagiri[]

When Oboro presented Sagiri to Genshiro as potential concubine, he agreed and was planning to have Sagiri until he was stopped by Kogarashi.

Fuyuzora Kogarashi[]

The mortal who infiltrates into his palace in order to rescue Yuuna. Due to his own prestige as a Dragon Clan, Genshiro antagonizes Kogarashi as he sees a mere mortal will never beat a Dragon God like him. Unfortunately for him, however, he is beaten by Kogarashi with one punch courtesy to his grueling training with his master.

After going through training and returns for a rematch, he expressed great confidence and arrogance towards Kogarashi. With his newfound powers, Genshiro believed he's now more than a match against Kogarashi, and states that he has even surpassed the Three Families. He went far as showing great hostility towards the Yatahagane that he was willing to even take down Oboro for getting in his way. After Kogarashi beats Genshiro again with a large attack, it is revealed that it was all an act. He reveals that before their rematch, he learned of Kogarashi's true character and Oboro's situation from his subordinates and decided to show how he was still no match for Kogarashi so that Oboro could continue to stay by the Yatahagane's side. He goes as far as now respecting Kogarashi for not only his great strength but also how he is someone that Oboro deeply cares for. However, he also claims that the moment he surpasses Kogarashi, he plans to make all the Yuragi Inn girls his own harem.