Ryuuga Genshiro

Anime Episode 7 Ryugga Genshiro


Kana 龍雅 玄士郎
Romaji Ryuuga Genshiro
Alias Black Dragon God of Shinao's Dragon Grace Lake
Relative Ryuuga Clan (origin; parent)
Shintō Oboro (Servant; Half-Sister)
  • Previous black dragon god (Father)
  • Gozen (mother)
  • Oboro (servant/Older Half-Sister)
Affiliation Ryuuga Clan
Occupation Dragon Lord
Biographical information
Status Alive
  • Active
Martial Status Single
Place of birth Dragon Grace Castle
Physical description
Species Dragon
Gender Male
Age ???
Height 180cm (5'11")
Weight 74.6kg
Hair Black
Eye ???
Manga Chapter 13
Anime Episode 7
Japanese Seiyu Yoshimasa Hosoya

Ryuuga Genshiro (龍雅 玄士郎 Ryuuga Genshiro) is the Black Dragon God of Shinao's Dragon Grace Lake, as well as a minor antagonist for his obsession for Yunohana Yuuna as his bride, which also leading to his rivalry with Fuyuzora Kogarashi.

Appearance Edit

As a human, Genshiro is a dark-skinned man with long hair. He is often seen wearing a black kimono.

Following the time-skip after his defeat by Kogarashi, Genshiro has shorter hair.

Personality Edit

Born as one of the prestigious noble to a Dragon God, Genshiro is exceedingly arrogant, conceited, and self-entitled, believing any woman who catches his eye automatically belongs to him. This sense of entitlement goes so far that he automatically assumes any woman who tries to talk to him is asking to become one of his lovers. As such, he has no qualms about openly grabbing said women off the street in an attempt to take them back to his palace. As a member of nobility, he has a tendency to belittle those who are seemingly out of league with the Dragon Clan (which ultimately proves to be his undoing when he attempts to take down Kogarashi, only to be spirit punched through the wall).

Background Edit

Plot Edit

Ryuuga Family ArcEdit

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Ryuuga Family Rematch ArcEdit

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Abilities Edit

High spiritual power Edit

Being a Dragon God, he has amazingly strong spiritual power but falls short of those in the Three Big Families.

Super Dragon Water Form Edit

After his bout with Kogarashi, he trained in the Super Dragon Cave and atainned this. It lets him change his body to different states of matter of water.

Trivia Edit