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Renge Shiratsuyu
Renge full appearance.png
Species Human
Gender Female
Personal Status
Affiliation Shiratsuyu Group

Rafiné Girls Academy

Status Alive
  • Active
Marital Status Single
Relatives Shiratsuyu family
Manga Yuuna-sama is Watching (From the Sky)

Shiratsuyu Renge is minor character as a student of an All-Girl School called Rafiné Girls Academy. She is the granddaughter of a rich company called the Shiratsuyu Group.


Renge is an average high school girl with long black hair and eyes which are notably hazy. She is usually seen wearing her school's uniform.


Renge is a calm, self-restraint, and strict girl. As the granddaughter of Shiratsuyu Group, she tries to live to everyone's expectations which makes her try to hide any possible flaws such as being frightened, not believing in the supernatural, or hiding any mistakes she made. When possessed by an animal spirit, it's revealed she actually has deep interest in romance and even wishes to at least touch a boy.

After Kogarashi suggested that she should take things easier around her friends as that would make them happy, she starts to become more open and friendlier.


Renge is born the grandaughter of a esteemed company known as the Shiratsuyu Group. She attends an All Girl School called Rafiné Girls Academy as their school president where everyone admires her.

She come across some students playing with a spirit board with romance as a subject and confiscated it from them. She became interested in her romance and used the board herself, not realizing she accidentally summoned an animal spirit which began terrorizing the school.



She is a normal human girl with no special abilities.


Morino Kokono[]

A fellow student and her secretary in the student council.

Fuyuzora Kogarashi[]

She was originally very suspicious of Fuyuzora Kogarashi's spiritual abilities and labeled him more of a ruffian and pervert. However, this changes after he helps her in a spiritual incident involving an animal spirit where she revealed herself as the culprit behind it while also revealing the flaws she tries to hide from everyone. Kogarashi did not mind this and even suggested that she should be more relax and social around her friends. After the incident was resolved, she warm up to him and didn't mind him visiting her school again. When possessed by the animal spirit, she admitted how hearthrobbing it was to be with him.