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Oboro Shintō
Oboro full appearance.png
Kana 神刀 朧
Romaji Shindou Oboro
Alias God Blade Oboro
Relative The previous black dragon god of Dragon Grace Lake (origin; parent)
Ryuuga Genshiro (Master; Half-Brother)
Affiliation Ryuuga clan
Yukemuri High School (temporary)
Occupation Student
Biographical information
Status Alive
  • Active
Martial Status Single
Physical description
Species God Blade (神刀)
Gender Female
Age 19
Height 151cm (4'11")
Weight 48.5kg
Hair White
Eye Purple
Manga Chapter 13
Anime Episode 7
Japanese Seiyu Mikako Komatsu

Oboro Shintō (神刀 朧 Shintō Oboro) is the servant of Ryuuga Genshiro whom she is loyal to that she is willing to do anything in order to secure the Dragon Clan by any means necessary.


Oboro is a woman with an androgynous look that she can be mistaken for a boy with short white hair, purple eyes and a eyepatch covering her left eye.

She is usually seen wearing a kimono with a Haori (Kimono jacket).


Oboro is an aloof and stoic woman who speaks in an emotionless and monotone attitude, but she is frank when she wants something.

She has an obsessive idea of making the Ryuuga clan stronger, due to the request of the wife of the previous dragon god, to the point of declaring that those of the Yuragi-sou who arrived at the castle would marry their lord and even said that to Kogarashi Fuyuzora. Her attempts at seduction are something that irritates many of the Yuragi Inn residents, especially Sagiri Ameno and Kogarashi.

She doesn't seem to know or have any notion of modesty or prudence. This is seen almost all the time when she undresses to seduce Kogarashi, even in front of others. This side of her also expresses a sense of naivety due to her inexperience in love.

She's not completely expressionless. For there are two examples: she wept tears at the thought of leaving the Yuragi Inn during Ryuuga Genshiro's rematch with Kogarashi and surprisingly smiles for the first time much to everyone's shock at the end of Chapter 98.


Oboro was born from the tail of the previous black dragon god who was ordered by the wife of the previous black dragon god to protect Ryuuga Genshiro from being isolated and to do whatever it takes to strengthen the Ryuuga clan.


Oboro first introduces herself as an antagonist serving Ryuuga Genshiro who wanted to marry Yuuna Yunohana. She obliged his wishes and takes him and Yuuna to the Ryuuga Castle. While she berated Genshiro for putting Yuuna in various cosplay costumes, she also persuades Yuuna to stay and marry Genshiro for the sake of the Ryuuga clan and Kogarashi Fuyuzora. When Sagiri Ameno attempts to rescue Yuuna, Oboro manages to defeat her using her speed. After Kogarashi's and Sagiri's capture, she suggested Genshiro to take Sagiri as well for a concubine much to his pleasure. To her and everyone's shock, Kogarashi was able to easily beat Genshiro with one punch. She immediately attempts to fight Kogarashi with little results and even when Nonko Arahabaki, Yaya Fushiguro and Koyuzu Shigaraki came, she refused to back down claiming everyone will be part of the Ryuga Clan. She eventually conceded when Kogarashi pointed out how this wouldn't end well for both sides. She then cooperated with them into fooling Genshiro that Yuuna and Sagiri passed away. Afterwards, she swear to take Kogarashi down and this claim reveals itself as a plan to move into the Yuragi-sou and bring Kogarashi into the Ryuuga clan by having his baby. She has since tried various ways to seduce Kogarashi.


Dragon God's Tail[]

As the tail of a Dragon God, Oboro possess a unique physiology that comes with various techniques.

  • Transformation: She is shown to be able to create blades that act as weapons to attack her enemies.

Portal creation[]

Oboro is able to create portals to enter the Ryuuga Palace whenever she wants and exit back to human world.

Oboro can create portals out of thin air in order to go to places such as Dragon Grace Castle

God Speed[]

Oboro's extreme speed

Oboro is pointed out to have near unmatched speed who is fast enough to easily evade attacks and to suddenly appear from one place to another. Most characters admit that they can't match her speed without a decent countermeasure and this speed is the reason that Oboro is able to easily embrace Kogarashi Fuyuzora naked before he has a chance to either evade or push her away.


  • Oboro is ranked 7th in the recent popularity poll.
  • Oboro is the fifth girl to admit she loves Kogarashi Fuyuzora
    • She is also the second to confess to Kogarashi, although she did it quietly.