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Nadare Tenko
Nadare Tenko.jpg
Kana 天狐雪崩
Romaji Tenko Nadare
Alias New Leader of Tenko Clan
Relative Tenko Clan
Affiliation Tenko Clan

Yuragi Inn

Occupation Head of Tenko Clan
Biographical information
Status Alive
Martial Status Unknown
Physical description
Species Tenko
Gender Male
Age ???
Height ???
Weight ???
Hair White
Eye ???
Manga Chapter 154
Anime N/A
Japanese Seiyu N/A

Nadare Tenko (天狐 雪崩 Tenko Nadare) is a the new leader of Tenko Clan whose mission is to destroy the Yuragi Inn in order to resume the war between East-West Armies for the Youkai World's dominance. He is also appears to have a grudge against Kogarashi Fuyuzora due to his envy over the latter's unnatural power increase courtesy of the Yatahagane's secrets, as well as his bond with his peers.


Nadare appears to be a young man with a ponytail behind him.

He wears his spirit armor that resembles a high school uniform.


When first introduced Nadare is shown to be mostly both calm and collective. However, this masks a rather callous side where he openly states his vendetta against Kogarashi Fuyuzora and his objective to destroy the Yuragi Inn. This side is also expressed under the constant pressure and expectations he faces as the head of the Tenko Family.

This pressure gives him constant frustration where despite being the current Head of the Tenko, he actually possess no true power or influence over the Family's decisions. This adds a more bitter side to his personality.

Throughout his fight against the Yuragi Inn, Nadare displayed strategic intelligence that pushed Kogarashi and the rest of the Yuragi Inn in a corner despite the huge difference in their overall power.

Despite his actions, Nadare desires the most optimal solution that will lead to the least amount amount of lives taken which shows a more merciful side. When Kogarashi decides to help him, more of Nadare's benevolence begins surface.

When confronting a indecent situation, he can be quite bashful.


Nadare was chosen to be the head of the Tenko upon his strong spiritual power. However, he only served as a decorative head where the Tenko Elders, who were vengeful spirits that failed to unify Japan under their rule, would order him. Nadare had build competent towards their ways as they constantly ignored his opinions but understood that they would throw him away if he defied their orders.


Because the Tenko Clan feared Kogarashi Fuyuzora's strength, the Tenko Elders ordered Nadare to eliminate him.


Spiritual Power[]

Nadare possess an amazing amount of Spiritual power and arsenal of techniques.

Tenko Bloodline[]

As Head of the Tenko, Nadare demonstrates various powerful techniques based from his Tenko bloodline.


  • Reverse Spirit Armor
  • Space Manipulation


  • The name Nadare means "avalanche" (雪崩).


  • Like Kogarashi Fuyuzora, Nadare is very popular among girls with two sharing romantic feelings towards him.