Miyazaki Hiyori
Hiyori full appearance
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 38
Personal Status
Affiliation Miyazaki family
Status Alive
  • Active
Marital Status Married
Relatives *Husband

Miyazaki Hiyori is the mother of Miyazaki Chisaki.

Appearance Edit

Sho looks like an older version of her daughter with longer hair and bigger breasts.

Personality Edit

Her personality is both mature and childish, former as she taught things to her daughter, the latter as she has no resistance on something cute, showing heart-shaped pupils every time she saw something cute, like Koyuzu and Miria.

Background Edit

Not much is known behind Hiyori's past. What is known is how she won her husband's heart by working hard (like exercise and nutritional eating) in enlarging her breasts and eventually gave birth to Chisaki. She raised Chisaki and taught to be careful around men since they can be "wolves".

Plot Edit

Abilities Edit

She is a normal human.

Relationships Edit

Miyazaki Chisaki Edit

Hiyori is Chisaki Miyazaki's mother. Hiyori was the one who told Chisaki how "men are all wolves" and that she shouldn't trust them so easily. However, she is supportive of Chisaki's attempts to attract Fuyuzora Kogarashi, because she trust Chisaki's judgment.

Shigaraki Koyuzu Edit

A Tanuki who is enamored by Chisaki's boobs and sometimes stays at the Miyazaki household. Hiyori is very attached to Koyuzu and loves to touch her ears and tail. Koyuzu loves fondling Hiyori's breasts, which Hiyori doesn't mind and actually enjoys.

Katsuragi Miria Edit

A Yoko Girl who serves the Katsuragi family. Like with Koyuzu, Hiyori finds Miria adorable and wants to touch her ears.

Trivia Edit