Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san Wikia
Miria Katsuragi
Miria 121.PNG
Kana 葛城 ミリア
Romaji Katsuragi Miria
Relative Father (name unknown)
Affiliation Katsuragi House
Occupation Unknown
Biographical information
Status Alive
  • Active
Martial Status Single
Physical description
Species Youko
Gender Female
Age 11
Hair Silver
Eye Red
Manga Manga Chapter 95
Japanese Seiyu N/A

Miria Katsuragi (葛城 ミリア Katsuragi Miria) is a Youko whose goal is to enter the Tenko Family through Yuuna Yunohana. She's a member of the Eastern Forces that serve the Tenko Family.


Katsuragi Miria is a young girl with red eyes and long silver hair. As a Youko, she is usually seen with a fox tail and ears.

When disguised as a human, she virtually looks the same except with black hair and without her tail and ears.


Miria is shown to be a dutiful and serious individual but is also still childish. She desires to become part of the Tenko Family and is willing to use any opportunity to do so. However, she has displayed a considerate side when she decides not to reveal Yuuna's true identity as a Tenko after seeing how happy Yuuna is in the Yuragi-sou with her friends. This side of her is seen again when she chooses to help Yuuna and some of her friends despite Yuuna being chased by Ouga Makyouin, a Yatahagane, under the suspicions she is an evil entity called Garandou. She also has a fair amount of pride like disliking being called a bakekitsune, and was shocked, if not also annoyed, at Koyuzu's skills in transformation and possession which is something she also excels at.


Not much of Miria's background is known except how she tends to keep her distance from others because she heard how others only get close to her for her Youko abilities. She at one point also managed to see Tenko Genryuusai's face and remember her spiritual ripple imprint.


She initially spies upon the Haunted Inn, until her disguise was cancelled accidentally by Koyuzu Shigaraki, revealing her true form.


Youko Physiology[]

As a Youko, Miria posses abilities related to her kind.

  • Transformation: Like Koyuzu, Miria is able to perform various transformation techniques like transforming herself, others, and controlling dolls that she can create and transform.
  • Possession: Miria has the ability to possess someone but is unable to do so unless she shares a mutual trust with the host. It is pointed out that those possessed by her will have significantly more power than normal possessions.


  • Unlike Koyuzu, Miria is able to hide her tail and ears.
    • She also uses maple-shaped leaves instead of the traditional tanuki leaf.
  • She has the same color eyes and hair as Yuuna.