Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san Wikia


Byakuei Tenko[]

Mahoro Tenko is Byakuei Tenko's daughter. He cares so much for her that he descended to the point where he was willing to sacrifice everything to save her. Although she was put in a suspension like state for so long, Mahoro was actually aware of her father's actions. When seeing what her father had become, she assisted in stopping her father's ambitions.

The reasons behind these actions were not only because of her morals, but also how she truly cared for father. When he was finally defeated, she expressed this deep affection by embracing him as they both passed on.

Yunohana Yuuna[]

Yunohana Yuuna is the 7th clone of Mahoro Tenko. Although they had barely any interactions, Mahoro sees Yuuna, along with her clone predecessors, as sisters. When Yuuna learns of Mahoro Tenko's existence and history, she was filled with sorrow on how sad Mahoro would be if she knew of what her father become. When Mahoro reveals her awareness, she convey her care for Yuuna by assisting in stopping her father's ambitions.