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Kishi Asaka
Kishi Asaka.jpg
Species Human
Gender Female
Personal Status
Affiliation Tenko Clan

Yuragi Inn

Status Alive
Marital Status Single
Manga Chapter 161

Kishi Asaka is a member of the Tenko who directly serves Nadare Tenko.

Appearance []

Kishi Asaka has a tomboy appearance. Like Matora Mikogami, Asaka has tanned skin and a rather sharp appearance.


Asaka is shown to be a serious but also very considerate, if not even friendly, individual. An example is how she became strict towards a younger Yaya, Matora, and Koyuzu on sports safety and casually talked to Chitose despite their standings as enemies. While she prefers to avoid conflict, she is both competitive and sporting.



Asaka first appears, along with Riria Haojiro, to assist Nadare Tenko in their subjugation of Fuyuzora Kogarashi and the Yuragi Inn.

She traps Chitose, Yaya, Matora, and Koyuzu in a space to separate them from Kogarashi.


Kishi Asaka demonstrates physical prowess that makes her strong in various sports by human standards.


Nadare Tenko[]

Kishi Asaka is in love with Nadare Tenko.

Riria Haojiro[]

The two are subordinates that both serve and love Nadare Tenko. They are shown to get along with each other very well.

Trivia []