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Byakuei Tenko
Byakuei Tenko.png
Kana 天狐白叡
Romaji Tenko
Alias Founder of Tenko Clan
Relative Tenko Clan (Founder)
Affiliation ???
Occupation Wandering Ghost
Biographical information
Status Deceased
Martial Status Unknown
Physical description
Species Tenko
Gender Male
Age ???
Height ???
Weight ???
Hair White
Eye Crimson
Manga N/A
Anime N/A
Japanese Seiyu N/A

Byakuei Tenko (天狐 白叡 Tenko Byakuei) was a founder of the Tenko Clan and a creator of Garandou that costed Ouga Makyouin's life 100 years ago, as well as Yuuna Yunohana's creator as to replicate his sicken daughter Mahoro Tenko who was infected with a fatal disease, making him as an antagonist of the series. In his twisted quest of making Mahoro immortal, Byakuei willingly did anything to save her.


Byakuei had long white hair where his left bangs cover almost half of his face. He also wore an ancient glasses and his ancient Japanese attire.

When he wore Spirit Armor, he took fox-like appearance. His eyes opened with large markings and his hair stood up.


Even as the founder of the Tenko House, Byakuei cared less about the house's power as he focused on his daughter Mahoro Tenko who suffers a fatal disease. As a "loving" father, Byakuei was extremely malicious as his obsession for his daughter's immortality took the better of him, to the point becoming apathetic towards anything disregarding the consequences (such as the Garandou's carnage on Earth 100 years ago).


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  • The name Byakuei means "white" (白) (hyaku/byaku) and "intelligence, imperial" (叡) (ei).