Species Cat God
Gender Male
Hair Color Orange
Eye Color Orange
Personal Status
Affiliation Yaya Brigade
Status Alive
  • Active

Aramaki is Cat God who is known by Cat Gods as the Rampaging Cat God.

Appearance Edit

Aramaki is a large orange Cat God who has a rugged and ferocious appearance unlike most Cat Gods. He wears a sleeveless black leather jacket. He also has two tails.

Personality Edit

Aramaki is unruly and is described by other Cat Gods to cause trouble wherever he goes. He holds grudges and appears to be not so fond of humans, saying how a Cat God will never to yield a human's playing. However, like every other Cat God he is prone to cat temptations and shares their overall nature. He can also be quite caring to those he sees as friends. This caring side of him shows how fearless he can be, declaring how Cats Gods are selfish to begin with.

Background Edit

During a cat festival known as a the Fukuneko Festival, where Cat Gods gather to socialize, he was humiliated by Yaya by playing with him with her foxtail dancing. He then swore revenge on Yaya.

Plot Edit

He makes his appearance during the next Fukuneko Festival to get his revenge on Yaya. He managed to resist her foxtail dancing by wearing sunglasses, hindering his eyesight and relying on his sense of smell to fight. While having the upper hand, he ends up losing his sunglasses after Kogarashi knocks them out with a stick, making him once again fall to Yaya's fox tail dance temptation. Defeated, he leaves claiming he won't come back but Yaya tells him to come play again much to his surprise. He calls, in annoyance, on his distaste but also fondness of Yaya's invitation.

Hiougi Estate Arc Edit

Aramaki is among the Cat Gods who answers Yaya's call to help her fight against Suzutsuki and the Hiougi bodyguards. Suzutsuki cries how the Cat Gods' actions would make them the Western Forces' enemies, but Aramaki grabbed the Sparrow Tengu and rebuffs the threat, saying how Cat Gods are selfish creatures who don't care about such things. After the bodyguards' and sparrow's defeat, he watches Yaya rest while another Cat God calls themselves the Yaya Brigade for coming to Yaya's aide. He then tried to interrogate Suzutsuki, but the sparrow refused to speak.

Trivia Edit

  • Aramaki is the second named Cat God, after Shiratama, who makes more than one appearance.
  • Aramaki is the second largest Cat God seen after Shiratama.