Ameno Shigure is an elder of the Ameno Clan.

Appearance Edit

Due to being an old woman, she has wrinkles and is short in stature.

Personality Edit

As the clan elder, she is serious on things. But when on her granddaughters, she is a cheerful one. She also seems to enjoy teasing and supporting her granddaughters.

Background Edit

Not much is known of her past except how she's now the Ameno Clan elder. She is retired and took care of Sagiri and Hibari.

Plot Edit

Abilities Edit

Chuuma Ninja Edit

Although Shigure hasn't revealed her abilities, it's pointed out how she was a very capable Chuuma Ninja. As the Head of the Ameno Clan, she possess the authority to order her family to go on various missions.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Ameno Sagiri Edit

Ameno Shigure and Ameno Sagiril are grandmother and granddaughter. She truly cares for Sagiri and supports her relationship with Fuyuzora Kogarashi. When Sagiri was blackmailed into marrying into the Yoinozaka, she displayed great concern and later revealed how she never intended to give her granddaughter to them.

Ameno Hibari Edit

Ameno Shigure and Ameno Hibari are grandmother and granddaughter. Like with Sagiri, Shigure deeply cares for Hibari and supports the idea of her or Sagiri marrying Kogarashi.

Others Edit

Fuyuzora Kogarashi Edit

Though they never met face to face, Shigure was very interested in him and his relationship with Sagiri. After seeing what he was like, she suggested the idea to bring Kogarashi into the Ameno family. Upon learning Fuyuzora is the Yatahagane successor, her interest in the boy piques even further that she now gives her granddaughters a mission to ensure one of them takes Fuyuzora Kogarashi as a Ameno Family Husband.

Trivia Edit

  • Hibari reveals that Shigure used to be a very beautiful individual with a great body.